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5 Steps to Making Your Military PCS Move a Breeze


posted May 26, 2015

Making a military PCS move can be extremely stressful. Not only do you have to uproot your lives and loved ones and head to an unfamiliar locale, but you also be given very little time to do so. In fact, many military members are only given a few weeks to pack up, find a home and move their family across the country. It can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Are you and your loved ones currently preparing for a military PCS move? Are you feeling stressed and anxious about it? Here are some tips to make your move a breeze:

  • Start early. As soon as you’re informed of your PCS, get to work. Start researching your new city and post, look for potential places to live, and gather up boxes so packing can begin.
  • Coordinate with your transportation office. Even if you’re doing a DITY move, your transportation office can still help you along the way. Be sure to go to any PCS meetings they host, and pick up information regarding your travel stipends, moving expenses and more.
  • Pack all your non-essentials first. Your essentials – things like your toiletries, a few changes of clothes, laptop, etc. – are the only things you should be packing last minute. If you want things to go smoothly, pack the rest of it early on. Load up all the dishes, clothing, books and items you won’t be needing immediately, and clean out your closets, drawers and cabinets early on.
  • Enlist helps from friends and loved ones. Buy a few pizzas (and six-packs) and have your friends come over and help. They can pack and label boxes, load furniture into your moving van or help you clean the house.
  • Call in the pros. Get a professional relocation specialist to help you scout potential properties at your new station. They can even help you find cars, furniture, insurance and more, and they may be able to help your spouse find a job, too.

Want to make sure your military PCS move goes smoothly? Then call the relocation specialists at Housing 1 Source. We’re here to help you every step of the way; click here to see what else we can do for you!