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How Military Housing Listing Works


posted Oct 26, 2015

There’s no official hub for military housing listing, so if you’re looking to live off-base at your new (or current) station, you have to get a little creative with finding your new place. While you could opt for more traditional methods (like hiring a realtor, browsing ads, or doing some hefty googling), those can be time-consuming and ineffective. Your best bet is to find a military relocation specialist – one who’s intimately familiar with both the military housing options in a given area and the specific needs of a military family.

Are you currently on the hunt for the right military housing listing? Here are the choices you typically have:

  1. Hire a realtor – If you’re looking to buy, a realtor can certainly be of help. But before you go calling one up, making sure you know keep these things in mind: 1) they’re likely going to require a fee for their services, 2) they may not know the best areas/locations around your particular base, and 3) they may not understand how being in the military affects the location or kind of place you’re looking for (think utility deposit waivers, military clauses in rental agreements, etc.).
  2. Look online – Simply checking out online MLS listings or googling “San Antonio apartments” isn’t going to cut it. Sure, eventually you may find a listing that fits the bill, but it’s going to be a slow-moving process – especially if you want certain amenities or a location near your military base.
  3. Find a military specialist – The fastest and most efficient way to find a great military housing listing is to contact a relocation specialist in the city to which you’re moving. For one, they’ll be most familiar with the areas and neighborhoods suited to military members like you. They also may have access to exclusive, military-only listings that are right up your alley.

If you’re looking for a military housing listing, don’t use the time-consuming traditional routes. Instead, contact a relocation specialist at Housing 1 Source, and get connected with local experts who know just what you need, where you need it. We’ve helped hundreds of military members just like you, and we do it all for free. Call us today to learn more.