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Military Family Housing: Things to Consider


posted Aug 26, 2015

When choosing your military family housing, there are a lot of things to consider. There’s the price, the location, the size and much, much more. It can be a lot to keep track of and juggle. To help you better choose your new home—and to make the process easier—we’ve created this handy military housing checklist. Just go through each item and take notes, and you’ll know what type of property to buy in no time.

  • Look at your work location. Which base will you be stationed at? If you’re at Lackland, you’ll probably want a property on the southwest side of town so you don’t have to deal with a long commute. If you’re at Randolph, the northern side would be best.
  • Determine your budget. Given your household income and expenses, how much can you afford each month on a mortgage or rent? Make sure to take into account your basic allowance for housing (BAH), too. If you shop very carefully, you might find a property that costs less than your BAH, so you can make a little extra income on the side.
  • Assess your family’s needs. What does your family need to get by? To be happy? Do you need a yard for your kids or pets? Do you need three bedrooms—one for each of your children? Start making a list of all your must-have amenities and features.
  • Find out what you want. Once you determine what you need, then consider what you want. Do you want a pool in the backyard? A great school district? An area with plenty of parks and playgrounds? This will help you hone in on the perfect place to start your search.
  • Talk to a pro. Finally, bring in a relocation expert and get their help in finding the best properties to fit your needs, desires and budget. Chances are, they’ll have a whole list of potential homes for you to look at, which will speed up the process and make your PCS easier on the whole.

Are you on the hunt for the right military family housing? Then contact Housing 1 Source today. Our relocation experts are here to help you find the ideal property for your family—all for free.