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Randolph AFB: What’s New Regarding Local Employment and Industry


posted Sep 07, 2011

Throughout history, the military has been a driving force behind San Antonio industry. This relationship looks set to continue well into the future, largely due to the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), which involved the closure of several military facilities around the United States and the relocation of the personnel and operations to San Antonio. It is believed that the BRAC will have an enormous impact on industry in San Antonio, estimated to be worth $2.9 billion per year. As well as the military relocation and expansion projects, various big-budget transportation and infrastructure developments have created long-term job prospects. The majority of this work will take several years to complete, meaning there are good on-going employment opportunities within great proximity to Randolph AFB housing. While some areas are less popular with newcomers than others, across the board, the housing market is healthy.

The oil and gas industry in San Antonio is also booming, creating well-paying jobs with various companies. This has resulted in a growing demand for office space and lodging in all parts of the city. Housing and manufacturing are other thriving sectors, even in the parts of South Texas that have suffered from high unemployment rates. New restaurants are opening and retail outlets are hiring more staff to keep up with customer demand. 

Military relocation to San Antonio is made easier for families because local job opportunities are so good. Whether you are looking for Fort Sam Houston, Lackland or Randolph AFB housing, you can make the move secure in the knowledge that you are going to become part of a healthy local economy. From weekend jobs for your teenagers to a step up the career ladder for your spouse, San Antonio jobs are there for the taking.

Assisting your family members find employment is one of the cornerstones of Housing 1 Source.  We have partnered with Workforce Solutions Alamo and the Alamo Community College District to help your family make the most of the opportunities in San Antonio.  The Airmen and Family Readiness Center, (210) 652-5321, and the Adult Education Center, (210) 652-5964, are great resources, too.  Contact us today to learn more.