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SMART: The Best of Military Apartment Finders


posted Mar 02, 2015

Are you overwhelmed by the array of military apartment finders and services out there? If you want to get the best possible price for the best property, there’s only tool you need to know: SMART.

The SMART apartment locator is a powerful tool that the Housing 1 Source team uses to connect military members with the perfect home or apartment for their needs. All you have to do is drop by our offices, and one of our relocation specialists will walk you through the process.

How SMART Works

Most people, especially those with families, kids and pets, are pretty specific about where they want to live. They have requirements for the location, the price, the size, the amenities and tons of other details.

Let’s say you’re looking an apartment unit fairly close to Randolph AFB, with at least two bedrooms, included water, no up-front deposit and a pet-friendly policy. While finding something that specific with online military apartment finders or tools might be difficult, SMART makes this process a breeze.

Our specialists simply use this cutting-edge software to plug in all your specifics – the SMART tool allows for over 100 different search filters – and we’re able to give you a list of options that meet your needs.

Once we’ve found some fitting properties, we can help you schedule a showing to view the unit in person. In the event that you or your family will be unable to attend a showing, one of our representatives would be happy to attend on your behalf, and will help you evaluate the property in light of your needs and expected budget. Finally, our team will help you apply for the apartment of your choice, and we can even coordinate your move.

Need a Military Apartment in San Antonio?

If you’re looking for a military apartment in San Antonio, come by Housing 1 Source today. Be sure to bring a list of your property preferences, and have a budget in mind to share with our military apartment finders. Then, we’ll help you locate the apartment or home of your dreams for you and your family.