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12th Operations Group (12 OG)

Mission of the 12th Operations Group

Responsibilities for the 12th Operations Group (12 OG) include instructor training for joint and allied pilots. Air Force and Navy undergrad combat systems officer training is also conducted by the 12 OG, under the umbrella of the 12th Flying Training Wing, located at Randolph AFB.

History of the 12 OG

Originally designated the 12th Bombardment Group (Light) in 1941, the 12 OG was stationed at McChord Field, Washington. However, since the group was the only air corps combat unit stationed on the Pacific Coast after the attack on Pearl Harbor, it became responsible for flying patrols to prevent another similar submarine invasion. After being redesignated as the 12th Bombardment Group (Medium) in 1942, the group traveled to Egypt to assist the British Eighth Army.
During World War II, the 12 OG was a part of the Western Desert Campaign, the Italian Campaign, and the Burma Campaign. The 12th OG has been stationed in Libya, Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, India, and some places in the U.S., including Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, and Washington. Today, the 12th Operations Group falls under the command of the 12th Flying Training Wing and calls Randolph Air Force Base its home.

The 12th Operations Group

The current aircraft that are assigned to the 12th OG are all trainers and include:
• T-6 (Texan II)
• T-1 (Jayhawk)
• T-37 (Tweet)
• T-43 (Bobcat)
• T-38 (Talon)

The invaluable knowledge the pilots receive during training is spread throughout the Air Force. Although the 12 OG will not serve in any campaigns, it continues to contribute to the success of new campaigns by providing superior training for fighter pilots and instructors. The long lineage of the 12 OG is an exciting one and helps foster the pride of those who serve as a part of this Group.

Assignment to the 12 OG

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