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59th Medical Wing (59 MDW)

Dedicated to global care through high performance

Mission of the 59th Medical Wing

Located at Lackland AFB, the 59th Medical Wing (59 MDW) is the largest outpatient facility of the Air Force, and specializes in medical education and research, healthcare and readiness. The goal is to achieve a healthcare system that adheres closely to the third part of the Air Force motto: excellence in all we do. Excellence is a necessity when the health and welfare of Airmen are at stake.

History of the 59 MDW

The 59th Medical Wing traces its origins back to the 59th Observation Group, established in 1941 in New Jersey. The 59th OG was an antisubmarine patrol unit, but later transitioned into a fighter pilot training unit. After being redesignated as the 59th Fighter Group in 1943, the unit was inactivated, and remained so until 1993 (despite another name change in 1985 to the 59th Tactical Fighter Wing), when it was once again renamed the 59th Medical Wing and consolidated with the Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center. The change of designation to 59 MDW reflected the WWII history and lineage of both the 59 OG and the 59 TFW. The 59th Medical Wing has now become the largest outpatient facility in the Air Force, as well as its largest blood donor center.

59th Medical Wing

The wing has an annual budget of over $330 million and a staff of over 6,200, including contractors and civilian employees as well as military members.  Seven groups make up the 59 MDW. Two of them are located close by at Randolph AFB while the other five are located on Lackland AFB at Wilford Hall. Since SAMMC took over all inpatient care in 2011, Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center (WHASC) is responsible for the full spectrum of healthcare—primary care, specialty care, and outpatient surgery.

The 59 MDW has the distinction of being the largest of 15 AF clinical training sites, with 500 graduates each year. The wing also accounts for 85% of the entire AF dental training capacity. Most of the military members that are assigned to the 59 MDW become a part of a readiness team. The readiness teams create specialized units within the hospitals and excel at creating an environment conducive to healing. The Wing has the Air Force’s largest medical mobility commitment and has on hand about 3,200 members assigned to mobility positions, 200 of which may be deployed around the world at any given point.

Assignment to 59 MDW

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