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67th Network Warfare Wing (67 NWW)

67th Network Warfare Wing
The premier force holding adversaries' networks at risk while protecting our own

Mission of the 67th Network Warfare Wing
The purpose of the 67th Network Warfare Wing, or 67 NWW, is to “execute AF network operations, defense, attack, and exploitation to create integrated cyberspace effects for Air Force Network Operations Commander and combatant Commands.”

History of the 67 NWW
Originally named the 67th Reconnaissance Wing in November of 1947, it was soon renamed the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing in 1948. The new designation was short-lived, and the unit was inactivated seven months later in 1949. Reactivated in 1951, the unit was again inactivated in 1960, only to return in 1965. In 1991 it was renamed the 67th Reconnaissance Wing, and shortly thereafter, in 1993, it became the 67th Intelligence Wing. In 2000, it became the 67th Information Operations Wing before becoming the 67th Network Warfare Wing at Lackland AFB, Texas in 2006. The 67 NWW became part of the 24th Air Force (24 AF) at its debut in 2009.

The 67th Network Warfare Wing
Responsibilities of the 67 NWW include organizing, training and equipping commanders with cyberspace forces that defend the AF networks from attacks as well as exploitations. As the implementation element of the AFNOC (Air Force Network Operations Command), the 35 squadrons of this wing work to ensure that the networks are able to operate seamlessly during both peacetime and wartime. It is vital that the networks can withstand adversaries that attempt to exploit the system.

The 67th is the largest operational wing of the Air Force, with 8,000 personnel in 100 locations and a presence on every continent excepting Antarctica. The wing oversees two I-NOSCs, or integrated network operations and security centers, at Langley AFB, Virginia and Peterson AFB, Colorado. Cyberspace operations are conducted by using a combination of software, hardware, data and human interaction. These operations are time-sensitive and help decide the best way to route information. This dynamic combination helps the 67 NWW shape world events, making it a crucial part of the 24 AF. 

Assignment to 67 NWW
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