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688th Information Operations Wing (688 IOW)

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Mission of the 688 IOW

The 688th Information Operations Wing aims to “deliver proven information operations and engineering infrastructure capabilities integrated across air, space and cyberspace domains.” The focus on cyber operations has proven to be essential in completing the global mission of the USAF; defending the USAF network is key to supporting military operations. 

History of the 688 IOW

In 1953, the 688 IOW began as the 6901st Special Communications Center (SCC). Within a month it was renamed the Air Force Special Communications Center (AFSCC), before becoming known as the Air Force Electronic Warfare Center (AFEWC) in 1975. The AFEWC utilized its electronic combat and technological skills during Operation Desert Storm, contributing significantly to the success of command and control warfare (C2W) efforts. This success led to the expansion of C2W strategies into information warfare, or IW, which in turn resulted in the AFEWC’s redesignation as the Air Force Information Operations Wing, or AFIOW, in 1993. The AFIOW combined the technical skills from the AFEWC and from the AF Cryptologic Support Center's Securities Directorate to streamline command, communications, control, and computer system security. This combination created a merger of both organizations, which became the 688 IOW in 2009.

The 688 Information Operations Wing

Headquartered at Lackland AFB, the 688 IOW is responsible for engineering weapon systems, engineering and installing operations research, and intelligence communications as well as computer applications. The 688 IOW is made up of over 1,200 military and civilian members, who work to gain the information advantage for combatant commanders and forces by finding and analyzing information technology and using counter information tactics to control the IW battlefield. As the 688th Information Operations Wing continues to grow, it will undoubtedly become a vital part in defending our networks from cyberspace adversaries.

Assignment to 688 IOW

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