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Academy of Health Sciences (AHS)

Mission of the Academy of Health Sciences

The mission of the Academy of Health Sciences, or AHS, is to educate, develop, and train military medical personnel to provide superior healthcare for the U.S. Military. The focus is to help these service members gain skills both as medical professionals and as leaders through education and training.

The Academy of Health Sciences

Located at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, the AHS continues the tradition of being known as the "Home of Army Medicine." The Academy is under the control of the Army Medical Department Center & School (AMEDDC&S), and seeks to offer the most comprehensive medical education in the world. With a graduation rate of 35,000 medical professionals a year, the AMEDDC&S has a great impact on the world of medicine—in fact, it’s the world’s largest medical education and training campus. The Academy itself maintains 315 programs that cover a vast array of medical careers, including Dental, Army Nurse, Army Medical Specialist and Veterinary Corps.

The Academy of Health Sciences is divided into academic departments. In addition, there is an organization within the AHS called the Center for Health Education and Training (CHET), which offers specialized courses that build further upon the training enlisted members have already received. 

  • Leader Training Center—Takes members of active duty and reserve sectors and gives them individual training to become leaders.
  • Center for Pre-Deployment Medicine—These courses are designed to meet the needs of combat medicine, which includes training on how to handle trauma on the battlefield.
  • Graduate School—Graduate programs that are ranked alongside civilian schools and provide advanced education in military health.
  • Department of Health Education and Training—Responsible for adherence to standards developed by AMEDD.
  • Department of Behavioral Health Science—Emphasizes training in the realm of behavioral sciences and trains members to be a part of many different facets of Army operations.
  • Department of Clinical Support Services—Medical lab techs are trained here, as well as radiology techs and cytotechnologists. This department also trains members on how to successfully fulfill their assignment in a combat atmosphere.
  • Department of Combat Medic Training—This medical department serves as an advocate for the 68W Health Care Specialist. Combat medics are essential to a successful mission on the battlefield, which is why individuals undergo rigorous training to become highly disciplined in the field. Their mission is to "Conserve the Fighting Strength.”
  • Department of Dental Science—Occupations that fall under this department include dental assistants as well as dental lab techs.
  • Department of Health Service Administration—Responsible for training all of the Armed Forces in the U.S. and educating them on how to manage financial matters as well as human resources issues.
  • Department of Medical Science—Medical education directed towards developing new ideas and giving members an opportunity to utilize distance learning, which enables them to keep up-to-date with advances in medical technology.
  • Department of Nursing Science—Officers and enlisted members are enrolled in nursing courses that drive towards using the most advanced procedures in the nursing realm.
  • Department of Preventative Health Services—Trains individuals from many different levels (enlisted, officer, civilians and our nation’s allies) in preventative medicine.
  • Department of Veterinary Science—Trains Veterinary Corps members. This department is also responsible for training those involved in food technology and surveillance.

Assignment to AHS

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