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AETC - Air Education and Training Command

"Develop America's Airmen today...for tomorrow"


Mission of the AETC

The headquarters for the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) are located at Randolph AFB, San Antonio, Texas. The AETC has the unique distinction as the first command to impact almost every Air Force member. They come here first for training, which is why the mission of the AETC is clear: "Develop America's Airmen today...for tomorrow.”

The Vision of the AETC is to “deliver unrivaled Air, Space, and Cyberspace education and training.” AETC consists of 12 bases; more than 74,000 Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, civilians and contractors; and about 1,500 trainer, fighter and mobility aircraft. The AETC is filled with dedicated members that are highly motivated to accept and overcome the challenges they face each day.

History of the AETC

The origins of the AETC can be traced back to January 23, 1942, when the War Department constituted and activated the Army Air Corps Flying Training Command. Major General Barton K. Yount assumed this command in its early days.  Three months later, in March of 1942, the Command was given a new title: Army Air Forces Training Command. In 1943 it became the Army Air Forces Training Command. In 1946 it became the Air Training Command, and remained so until 1993, when it was redesignated the Air Education and Training Command.

Training and Education

 With the growth of technology in this innovative generation, the training and education provided by the AETC remains unrivaled. These programs enable the defense of the U.S. and its interests. The AETC trains more than 340,000 students per year. The many responsibilities of the AETC include:

- Basic Military Training
- Technical Training
- Flying Training
- Medical Training
- Space and Mission Training
- Cyber Training
- Professional Military Education
- Degree Granting Professional Education

Key Leaders

The Commander of the AETC is General Edward A. Rice, Jr.
-1978 distinguished graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. Before    coming to the AETC, he has commanded at the squadron, group, wing levels, as   well as the Air Force Recruiting Service, the 2nd Air Force, and a joint command.
He has significant experience in combat and contingency operations, including   commanding bomber operations during the first four months of Operation    Enduring Freedom.

The Vice Commander of the AETC is Lieutenant General Douglas H. Owens
-1980 graduate from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He has commanded at the   squadron, group and wing levels, and has also served in a variety of operational   and staff positions. Owens served as a T-38 and T-41 instructor pilot and flew   combat missions in the first A-10 squadron deployments to Operations Desert   Shield and Desert Storm. 


Assignment to AETC


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