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AFMA - Air Force Manpower Agency

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Mission of the Air Force Manpower Agency

Located at Randolph AFB, Texas, the Air Force Manpower Agency (AFMA) is a field operating agency that is a key component in pinpointing and quantifying the manpower requirements of the Air Force. The AFMA reports directly to Headquarters U.S. Air Force Directorate of Manpower, Organization and Resources. Its mission is to provide “Air Force leaders at all levels the tools to identify essential manpower required for the effective and efficient accomplishment of the Air Force mission.”

The AFMA adapts its role to the needs of the Air Force; during growth, the Agency identifies and validates unfunded requirements. During stable periods, it maximizes and redistributes available resources based on the demands of each base, and during reductions, the AFMA assists in improving processes.

The AFMA conducts special headquarters-directed studies, providing the necessary in-depth analyses for AF leaders to make timely decisions regarding manpower and resource requirements. The Agency is also responsible for the CSM program (commercial services management), which manages and improves the operation of commercial functions. 

History of the AFMA

The AFMEA, or Air Force Management Engineering Agency, was born at the tail end of 1975, and was responsible for providing technical guidance and giving direction to the management engineering program. Though the Agency initially reported directly to the Headquarters of the Air Force, in 1978 the AFMEA was realigned under the Air Force Manpower and Personnel Center but retained its mission, organizational structure, and ties to USAF headquarters.

The AFMEA merged with the Air Force Quality Institute merged in 1996 to create the Air Force Center for Quality and Management Innovation (AFCQMI) in response to direction from the Air Force CS. This move was meant to “operationalize” the Total Quality Management (TQM) program.

The AFCQMI underwent yet another name change in 1999 to the Air Force Manpower and Innovation Agency (AFMIA) to reflect new streamlined operations. Finally, in 2003, AFMIA became the Air Force Manpower Agency, or AFMA, representing a shift in the mission priorities to assist the needs of the expeditionary AF.

Air Force Manpower Agency Organization

The essential mission of the five Manpower Requirements Squadrons (MRS) is to quantify total manpower requirements for the Air Force. These regionally based squadrons include:

   - 1st MRS: Randolph AFB, TX
   - 2nd MRS: NASA-Langley Research Center, VA
   - 3rd MRS: Scott AFB, IL
   - 4th MRS: Buckley AFB Annex, CO
   - 5th MRS: Tinker, OK

Assignment to the AFMA or 1st MRS:

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