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Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE)

Protect, Preserve, Restore

Mission of the AFCEE

AFCEE, or the Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment, is responsible for managing sustainable construction and environmental programs for various Air Force installations. The environmental conscience plays a vital role in the development of sustainable designs. The Center supplies AF leaders with the information they need to protect, sustain, and restore the environmental resources of the Air Force. The environment on every AF installation is viewed as a gift that has been entrusted to the military, and the Center makes it a priority to make the environment on base better than it was when the bases were made. Sustainability of the environment makes for sustainability of our military forces.

History of the AFCEE

The Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment was born in 1991 in a series of scattered modular buildings at Brooks AFB, Texas. In 1995, a new 73,000 sq. ft. facility was unveiled for AFCEE members; however, the Center had expanded so much during the construction period that AFCEE outgrew the new facility before it opened. In 2005, Brooks AFB closed as part of the Base Realignment, and AFCEE moved to Kelly AFB (Port San Antonio), down the street. The Center was tasked with remodeling a 70-year-old building to sustainable standards, and improvement efforts have been ongoing. The last division of AFCEE moved to the Kelly Annex of Lackland AFB in November of 2010.

Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment

Over 600 people work together in the AFCEE to meet the needs of restoring and preserving the environment, in addition to many contractor partners nationwide. The Center is lead by a civilian director, together with two deputy directors (one military, one civilian), who work together to set guidelines to help engineer a better environment. The AFCEE is divided into these divisions:

• Technical Support Division
• Capital Investment Execution Division
• Capital Investment Management Division
• Contingency Construction Division
• Environmental Restoration Division
• Housing Privatization Division
• Operations Support Division
• Regional Environmental Offices
• Chief Financial Office
• Staff Judge Advocate Office

Assignment to AFCEE

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