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Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA)

Mission of AFMOA

The Air Force Medical Operations Agency, or AFMOA, aims to provide direct support to AF medical operations worldwide, serving to coordinate, communicate, and proactively solve issues related to population health management. This mission goes beyond commitment to any individual command; the AFMOA oversees daily operations and measures effectiveness within the AFMS, or Air Force Medical Service.

History of AFMOA

The Air Force Medical Operations Agency sprang from the ashes of the former flight medicine department of the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) in 1992. Though it originally cared for operational matters under the direction of the AF/SG (Surgeon General) as a field-operating unit, as AFMS duties changed, so did those of the AFMOA. The AFMS moved to more of a proactive approach, managing population health rather than episodic care to improve the health and lives of Air Force members and their families. This in turn led to an increase in AFMOA responsibilities; the Agency expanded to optimizing medical resources, radiation protection, aerospace medicine, and clinical excellence, among other interests.

Air Force Medical Operations Agency

The AFMOA directly supports 8 major commands and 75 military treatment facilities, affecting 2.6 million beneficiaries around the globe. The Agency provides data and expert direction on how to make preventative medicine more modern and cost-effective. In 2004, the AFMOA restructured from 9 divisions to just two: Healthcare Modeling and Informatics, and Medical Organization Centers.

Currently, a little over 43,000 members fall under the umbrella of the AFMOA. Another responsibility of the Agency is to provide the AF/SG with data and analysis to assist in decision-making processes. The Pentagon and Veteran Affairs Department are currently considering a ban on smoking that would affect the entire U.S. military. Although it would be years before this proposed ban would go into effect, the AFMOA would play a major role in enforcing the ban if the proposal passes.

Assignment to AFMOA

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