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Air Force Real Property Agency (AFRPA)

Mission of the AFRPA

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, the Air Force Real Property Agency (AFRPA) is responsible for the acquisition, management, and disposal of the Air Force’s real property portfolio. The Agency works under the Assistant Secretary of the AF for Installations, Environment and Logistics. 

History of the AFRPA

In 1991, the Air Force created the Air Force Base Disposal Agency, which was intended to convert bases, implement environmental programs, and dispose of real property in conjunction with base realignments or closures. In 1993, the AFBDA became the Air Force Base Conversion Agency to increase focus on converting properties for civilian use, conducting environmental programs and creating conversion guidelines. This Agency was eventually merged with the Air Force Real Estate Division to form the Air Force Real Property Agency, or AFRPA, in 2002. The Agency is focused on maximizing the value of the Air Force’s property assets for AF members and for taxpayers by ensuring the viability of assets and accurately assessing properties.

Air Force Real Property Agency

The AFRPA is comprised of 230 civilian employees and contractors. Among these are specialists in a variety of fields, including environmental cleanup, public affairs, financial management, real estate law, information systems, and more. This wide range of skill sets contained within the AFRPA enables it to address the AF’s real property management needs, whether immediate or long-term.

The divisions of the AFRPA are:

− Real Estate Transactions
− Strategic Asset Utilization
− Real Property Management
− BRAC Program Manager
− Chief Financial Office
− Chief Information Office

Assignment to AFRPA

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