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Air Force Services Agency (AFSVA)

Service to those that serve

Mission of the AFSVA

The mission of the AFSVA, or Air Force Services Agency, is to provide support to Air Force members, their families, installations, and major commands, both stateside and overseas. It manages NAFs, develops procedures, and provides technical assistance. Other duties of the AFSVA involve supplying food, operating the BX, staffing on-base gyms, offering fitness activities to engage the community, and managing on-base accommodations. The Agency works closely with the AFSC (Air Force Services Council).

History of the AFSVA

Service programs have been around since the Revolutionary War, providing essential operations for service members, such as food or lodging. In 1992, Services programs merged with MWR programs (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) to create the Air Force Morale, Welfare, Recreation and Services Agency. However, this was shortened to Air Force Services Agency in 1994 to emphasize the focus on service. The AFSVA continues to provide a crucial benefit to the AF members and their families and remains vigilant in expanding to meet the growing needs of the Air Force.

Air Force Services Agency

A little over 750 Airmen and civilian employees are attached to the AFSVA, helping to provide an array of services to AF members each and every day. The morale and welfare of AF members are vital to the success of the US military, and the AFSVA prides itself on having the opportunity to serve in this supportive capacity.  Seven directorates comprise the AFSVA:

− Directorate of Financial Management and Comptroller
− Directorate of Plans and Force Management
− Directorate of Management Systems
− Directorate of Operations
− Directorate of NAF Purchasing
− Directorate of NAF Transportation
− Directorate of Programs

Assignment to AFSVA

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