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Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC)

“Building bridges through communication and peace through understanding...Shaping tomorrow's future today”


Mission of the DLIELC

“DLIELC acculturates and trains international personnel to communicate in English and to instruct English Language programs in their country, trains U.S. Military personnel in English as a second language, and deploys English Language Training programs around the world in support of DoD Security Cooperation efforts.”

History of the DLIELC

The beginning of the DLIELC can be traced back to the activation of the 3746th Pre-Flight Training Squadron in 1954; the Squadron assumed the responsibilities associated with English language training before the Language School, USAF, took over in 1960. In 1966, the DoD created the Defense Language Institute English Language School, but placed it under the control of the Army. The school itself, however, remained at Lackland AFB. In 1976, the DoD gave the USAF control and renamed the School the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC). 

The Defense Language Institute English Language Center

The DLIELC is divided into three sections:
  - General English
  - Specialized English
  - Instructor Development

Students from more than 100 countries enroll in the DLIELC programs, ranging from 9 to 52 weeks, to receive the necessary training to develop their English language skills. The Instructor Development Program trains students to become English instructors in their home countries. The DLIELC also focuses on teaching Specialized English to U.S. military members whose primary language is not English.

Student lodging is available within walking distance of the DLIELC, which is in the southwest quadrant of Lackland AFB. A normal class day consists of six hours of instruction through a combination of class time and computer lab. Sports events, tours, and international programs are available to give students a chance to network and learn more about American culture. 

Assignment to DLIELC

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