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Installation Management Command (IMCOM)

Mission of IMCOM

IMCOM, or the Installation Management Command, aims to allow service members at war to focus on fighting by caring for their families and facilities here at home. Its mission is to provide a quality of life for soldiers and their families that is “commensurate with their quality of service.” IMCOM provides this quality service by overseeing all aspects of installation management and family life, including housing, food, morale, welfare, recreation, construction, public works, fire and police forces, installation funding, and environmental programs.

History of IMCOM

IMCOM was created in 2006 from the merger of three individual organizations: the former IMA (Installation Management Agency), FMWRC (Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command), and the AEC (Army Environmental Command).

Originally, the 184 installations that make up the United States Army were managed by 15 separate Major Commands, which led to a fair amount of bureaucratic delays and inefficiencies. In 2001, Secretary Thomas White introduced the idea of TIM, or the Transformation of Installation Management, which was intended to realign the current managerial structure to maximize efficiency. The Installation Management Command was created to consolidate control of all Army installations under one command to utilize a uniform business-like approach and structure. This enables IMCOM to eliminate the bureaucracy that can hinder vital work progress, improve the well being of the military community, and maintain sustainability programs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Army installations.

Two of the three original commands of IMCOM—the FMWRC and AEC—continue to carry out their original missions under the oversight of IMCOM. The Command is made up of six regional offices across the globe: 

  • IMCOM Europe
  • IMCOM Korea
  • IMCOM Northeast
  • IMCOM Pacific
  • IMCOM Southeast
  • IMCOM West

IMCOM headquarters are located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, in a compound of six buildings. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in April 2010; four existing buildings are being renovated, two are being built from scratch, and one is receiving an addition, in a $26.4 million project.

Installation Management Command

During the relatively short time IMCOM has been in existence, the changes made thus far have proven to be as efficient as originally promised. The management of soldiers’ well being along with that of their families has improved dramatically. The goal of achieving a better quality of life for Army members has been reached, but IMCOM continues to push forward with more improvements. Certain Army initiatives now fall under the control of IMCOM:

  • Accessibility Initiative: allows all visitors access to web pages
  • Army Family Covenant: improves access to healthcare as well as increasing employment and education opportunities of Army families
  • Army Family Toolbox: provides access to an array of programs to help improve quality of life for Soldiers and their family. Services such as financial planning and networks that put precedence on community organization. For a complete list of programs in the Army toolbox please click here.
  • Civilian Wellness Program: encourages the civilian sector to engage in fitness along with nutritional healthcare
  • Residents’ Bill of Rights: coincides with the Residential Communities Initiative and provides service to Army members seeking housing on-post
  • Suicide Prevention: intended to allow service members affected by depression to seek help. It also provides training to members to be aware of the signs of suicide so they can act when they sense a fellow soldier may be on the brink of suicide. Suicide is a stark reality within the Army world; this program seeks to change that. 

The inspiring leadership of IMCOM teamed with world-class customer service is enhancing the lives of Army members worldwide.

Assignment to IMCOM

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