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Inter-American Air Forces Academy (IAAFA)

Training for today... Building partnerships for tomorrow


Mission of the IAAFA

"Fostering enduring Inter-American engagement through education and training."

History of the IAAFA

The Inter-American Air Forces Academy, or IAAFA, was established in 1943 at the request of General Fernando Melgar, Peru's Minister of Aeronautics. The original class was made up of 11 Peruvian students and was located at Albrook Field in the Panama Canal Zone, making it the first U.S. aeronautics training course given in Latin America. Expansion in the 1940s and ‘50s led to an annual student base of about 400, largely in response to the possibility of increased conflict in the West.

Today's IAAFA structure dates back to 1952, when the Commandant established a format that emphasized hands-on training, provided both US cultural awareness and military and athletic instruction to students, and added courses for officers. Beginning as the Central and South American Air School (CSAAS), the name was changed to the United Air Force School for Latin America (UAFSLA), before becoming known as the Inter-American Air Forces Academy (IAAFA) in 1966. In 1989, the IAAFA in Albrook AFS, Panama was shut down and moved to Homestead AFB, Florida. Due to massive destruction from Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the IAAFA was forced to relocate to its current home at Lackland AFB, Texas. 

Inter-American Air Forces Academy

Instructors that are assigned to the IAAFA must be fluent in both Spanish and English, and have the ability to articulate core knowledge in both languages. Instructors can expect to make lifelong friends as they become ambassadors for both the Academy and the United States Air Force itself.  The IAAFA has an average of 800 graduates in the program each year. Students entering into the program are guaranteed an unmatched experience in the family-like atmosphere at the IAAFA. 

Assignment to IAAFA

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