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Joint Information Operations Warfare Center (JIOWC)

People, Processes and Technology


Mission of the JIOWC

The mission of the JIOWC, or Joint Information Operations Warfare Center, is the integration and synchronization of IO (information operations) across the DoD to bring all intelligence disciplines under one command. The JIOWC is continually adapting to meet the needs of the DoD.

History of the JIOWC

The JIOWC began as the Joint Electronic Warfare Canter (JEWC), activated in 1980 at Lackland AFB, Texas. Its purpose was to streamline intelligence advantages and electromagnetic warfare into a cohesive approach to be used in Cold War defense. In 1994 it was given a new name when it came under USACOM’s control: Joint Command and Control Warfare Center (JC2WC). This change reflected the successes of IO in Operation Desert Storm, which led in part to a growth in acceptance of IO tactics during the 1990s. After becoming the JIOC (Joint Information Operations Center) in 1999, the unit became a command in 2005, known as the Joint Information Operations Warfare Command (JIOWC). However, in 2009, when the unit changed from using military commanders as directors to civilian personnel, the Command became a Center again, under the direction of USSTRATCOM. The new name reflects the growth in the field as well as the greater challenges this nation faces. By October 2012, the JIOWC and the Information Operations from all facets of the DoD will combine and be transformed in order to meet the needs of the changing missions that lie ahead in our future.

The Joint Information Operations Warfare Center

The future of Information Operations (IO) will reflect the changing demands that will shape the vital role the JIOWC plays in missions. Enemies of the United States use communication platforms in order to forward their ideology and build up a force to oppose this nation. In order to effectively counter any adverse move, it is absolutely critical for national power and defense that the U.S. military understands, controls, and leverages information and communication platforms.

Assignment to JIOWC

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