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METC - Medical Education Training Campus

The Medical Education and Training Campus (METC) at Fort Sam Houston offers students the chance to support their country by becoming one of the world’s top military healthcare professionals. The campus brings together service members from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, providing 24,000 graduates every year with the opportunity to advance their careers through military medical training. 

At METC, the largest healthcare education campus in the world, students can pursue training in a wide range of medical fields. They can study ancillary topics, such as nutrition and diet therapy, or they can work towards a degree that is related to dental services, diagnostic services, healthcare support, nursing, or public health services. Any credits that students earn at METC can easily be transferred to other institutions. In addition, all of the degrees offered in these categories give students the credentials that they would need to pursue a civilian career in these fields. But because METC is geared toward training military members, their training may be slightly different than the training that students receive at a conventional healthcare school.

For instance, students learn how to execute medical missions. This preparation gives them the skills they need to give and record immunizations, order medical supplies, and evacuate patients to safer areas. However, students need to remember that military healthcare providers must treat patients that fall in a huge range of categories, including civilians, service members, coalition partners, or even adversaries in some cases. All of these patients must be treated with the same degree of care, and students are taught how to respond to different scenarios and different patients. In theory, the medical care that graduates of METC provide is identical to the care that other healthcare providers give to their patients. However, the settings in which these professionals work are vastly different. Thus, students at the METC learn specifically how to work under hostile or exaggerated conditions that they may encounter on the battlefield.

In some cases, members of different branches of the military may need to have different skills. For instance, a Navy Corpsman may need to know how to transfer patients onto ships for evacuations. Army Medics, on the other hand, may need to know how to load their casualties onto a UH-60 MEDEVAC. During their training at METC, students learn basic evacuation protocols that are applicable to all branches of the armed services.

Students at METC receive top-notch training. This institution prides itself on having high standards that helps it to remain on the cutting edge of medical education. The METC is constantly adapting to changes in the medical field, even forecasting upcoming changes.

In order to keep on top of medical trends and changes, administrators attend workshops and training seminars with top professionals in the public health system. This allows the METC to improve its offerings and curriculums as necessary. 

Students who attend the Medical Education and Training Campus can be assured that they will receive a world-class education that relies on state-of-the-art technology. Each classroom contains notebook computers, and instructors can use smart podiums and blackboard learning platforms to ensure that the material is clearly presented. Students in field training have access to durable notebook computers that have been created to withstand harsh environments. Student dorm rooms are equipped with CAC-enabled computer access. When they cannot attend a certain class, they can turn to online training that provides them with great support tools, including a live chat feature to request help. Students have access to podcasts of their classroom lectures, e-books, and learning simulators. Audio and video technology is also integrated into lessons to make them more interactive and useful for students.

Attendees at the METC can look forward to earning a degree in a wide range of medical topics. This degree will provide them with the skills that they need to support the healthcare needs of service members. It also will give them the skills that they need to pursue a career in this field in the civilian world in later years.

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