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Mission and Installation Contracting Command (MICC)

Mission of Mission Installation Contracting Command

The mission of MICC is to provide support to military personnel by purchasing the services and equipment necessary for a soldier’s mission and family well-being. Purchases range from weaponry to clothing to food and more. Soldiers need tools to accomplish the mission at hand, so if a soldier needs it, the U.S. Army contracts for it. The MICC’s responsibilities for contracts include:
• Planning
• Integrating
• Awarding
• Administering

Mission and Installation Contracting Command

The MICC is headquartered at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. In FY2011, the MICC carried out over 63,000 contract actions that totaled nearly $7 billion. Currently, BG Kirk Vollmecke, who took over in March of 2012, leads the command. The priorities for the new commander involve paying close attention to the spending needs of the Army, improving client outcomes, and streamlining oversight of contract performance. He recognizes the uncertainty and restraints present within the Army budget, and is currently taking steps to prioritize budgeting needs to better fulfill mission objectives.

The Mission and Installation Contracting Command is ultimately responsible for contracting and getting quality results. Acquisition is the main purpose, and without the proper staff and processes in place to hold contractors accountable, processes will start to break down throughout the Army. The main focus of MICC is on the contract operations that happen in America's war zones. After reports from 2007 indicated that the MICC needed to keep better track of what was paid to contractors, there has been a complete overhaul in the way operations are conducted, and acquisitions operations are now more regulated. Balancing quality products and services needs with budget constraints can seem like a daunting task, but the MICC’s new strategy makes it all work.
The MICC also aims to support local small businesses by awarding a certain percentage of its almost $7 billion in contracts to small disadvantaged businesses, veteran-owned businesses, woman-owned businesses, and underutilized business zones. In April 2012, the goal was increased from 47% to 47.5%. That half-percent equals roughly $32.5 million more in contracts to small businesses. In 2011, $2.8 billion of the $7 billion spent went to small businesses nationwide.

Assignment to MICC

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