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Morale, Welfare and Recreation (Army MWR)

Mission of the Army MWR

The focus of the Army MWR, or Morale, Welfare, and Recreation services, is on the wellbeing of service members and their families. The Army MWR provides families with emotional support when loved ones are gone due to deployments. Achievement of a balance between family and work is an essential part of the MWR's mission. The idea is that strong family units lead to a more successful Army as a whole. The MWR acts as not only a rec center, but also as a guide to help families learn how to grow and develop their emotional selves.

History of the Army MWR

Before the Army MWR was officially established, members of the army found other methods of support via traders and trading posts that provided clothing, meals, and other amenities. In 1895, the Army established the PX, or Post Exchange. The profits made from the original PX's were used to pay for recreational activities that benefited the troops. Over the years, MWR has gone through many name changes but the mission has been the same—to serve the needs of the Army community. The MWR plays a vital role in helping to create a unified community, stronger families, and stronger service members. The Family and MWR Command (FMWRC), located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, was inactivated in June 2011. In its place, Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation services became the Civil Affairs office (G9) within the Installation Management Command.

Army Morale, Welfare, and Recreation

Enhancing the lives of our troops through contributions to the community is a task the MWR takes seriously. Its community programs bring people together and allow for a better life for the Army community. The Army MWR offers a wide variety of services, including childcare, activities for youth, personal finance classes, and emotional support for families of deployed service members. These classes and programs serve to prepare the Army member and his or her family for life events. Classes such as those geared towards financial counseling and parenting classes offer enrichment to the lives those that attend.

Assignment to the Army MWR

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