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Texas Cryptology Center

The Texas Cryptology Center is located at the Medina Annex at Lackland AFB, which serves as a satellite campus of the US National Security Agency (NSA). The Cryptology Center used to be known as the Medina Regional SIGINT Operations Center (RSOC), which included the Tech Control and Analysis Element (TCAE). It used to be home to 2200 members from different military branches as well as the civilian DoD employees.

In June 2010, the NSA completed a new Data Storage Complex at a former Sony microchip plant, off Loop 410 and West Military Drive. The goal is for the new facility to become a data-mining center that will conduct surveillance on Americans and have the ability to pinpoint terrorist threats. Once threats are located, they will be handled with appropriate care to prevent the threat from happening or progressing.

There has been a significant transformation in how the NSA works post-9/11. The surveillance the Texas Cryptology Center conducts is a first line of defense against the terrorists that plague this nation. So why Texas? Many states are linked to a national power grid, but Texas has its own power grid. This is just one reason why the NSA chose Texas for this facility. Most of the information regarding the Texas Cryptology Center remains classified; when the NSA leased the property on Military Drive in 2005, it announced that it would double employees over the next few years. However, no current employee counts have been released.

Assignment to Texas Cryptology Center

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