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Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center (WHASC)

Mission of Wilford Hall

The staff at Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center (WHASC) takes pride in providing the highest standard in healthcare to its patients. The focus is on building a team of highly specialized medics that are prepared for the worst. Medical education is the key to preparedness and is a high priority at this facility, after outpatient care.

History of WHASC

Named after Major General Wilford F. Hall in 1963, the hospital was originally known as the Wilford Hall Medical Center. With the new base alignment and the creation of Joint Base San Antonio, some of the center’s responsibilities were shifted to SAMMC, and the facility became known as Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center (WHASC).

Maj. Gen. Hall was born in 1904 to a family of military physicians. Before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hall was studying aviation medicine.  His new knowledge base made him a valuable asset when it came to training the Army Air Corps medical service.

After WWII, Hall became the first Command Surgeon of the MATS (Military Air Transport Service) and was transferred to the Air Force in 1949. His focus on and support of aeromedical evacuation became his largest contribution to Air Force medicine, changing the way evacuations were handled worldwide. Transporting patients by air has saved countless lives, and his work continues to shape new patient evacuation methods; after Hurricane Katrina, 849 patients were evacuated from New Orleans on the first day. This capacity would not exist without the tireless efforts of Maj. Gen. Wilford Hall.

Originally, Wilford Hall Medical Center handled all spectrums of healthcare, from delivering babies to inpatient care to routine outpatient surgeries. Since the Base Realignment Act centered all inpatient care at SAMMC at Fort Sam Houston, Wilford Hall transformed into WHASC, which focuses on outpatient surgery and medical evacuations. This facility is one-of-a-kind when it comes to providing medical transport needs on a worldwide level.

Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center

Falling under the care of the 59th Medical Wing (59 MDW), Wilford Hall is staffed by both Army and Air Force personnel. The 59 MDW operates with a budget of $330 million and has a staff of over 6,200 military, contract, and civilian personnel.  Recently, in the wake of the Katrina devastation in New Orleans, Wilford Hall was responsible for the aeromedical evacuation of sick and wounded patients to its medical facility.

More current missions are transporting patients out of Balad and other war zones. Wounded soldiers can be transported to Wilford Hall within 24 hours of injury. People of all ages are flown into the facility from all over the world. Wilford Hall has made a name for itself around the globe.

Wilford Hall is now the largest outpatient facility in the Air Force. The focus has transformed from inpatient care to outpatient surgery, along with primary and specialty care. The new changes stemming from the Base Realignment have fostered an environment more conducive to one specialized area of study. This generates medics that are more focused and prepared for the area of surgery.

Assignment to Wilford Hall

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