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PCSing to San Antonio – The Ultimate Military PCS Guide

PCSing to San Antonio can be a smooth and painless process with a little preparation, some elbow grease, and the help of one of our military relocation specialists. Here’s a list of resources to get you started!

How Military Housing Listing Works

There’s no official hub for military housing listing, so if you’re looking to live off-base at your new (or current) station, you have to get a little creative with finding your new place. While you could opt for more traditional methods, your best bet is to work with a military relocation specialist.

Preparing Your Kids for Army Relocation

Army relocation is never easy, but it’s especially hard on kids. Here are some tips to help families have a smoother relocation, and help kids to adjust to new surroundings quickly.

Top 4 Apartments Near Fort Sam Houston | Housing 1 Source

​Finding the right apartment can be difficult – especially if you’re PCSing to a new city. What neighborhood should you look in? What amenities are important? Which complex is closest to your station? The questions are endless. We’re here to help; here are four of the top apartments near Fort Sam Houston.

PCSing to San Antonio – How Housing 1 Source Helps with the Extras

​When you’re PCSing to San Antonio, there’s a lot more to handle than just finding a house and moving your stuff across the country. While those may be some of the more daunting tasks, there’s also a whole laundry list of other items you’ll need to check off before you can move in and start your life anew. Here’s how we can help!

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