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Randolph Air Force Base Off Base Housing: San Antonio’s Strong Real Estate Market


posted Feb 26, 2014

If you are one of the many military families interested in Randolph Air Force Base off base housing, San Antonio has much for you to consider. Excellent school districts, close-knit communities, and low costs of living are all part of life in the Alamo City, and its booming real estate market has proven an ability to survive tough economic downturns in the industry.

The real estate slump that hurt many realtors and homeowners across the country in recent years has taken a turn for the better, and according to the San Antonio Board of Realtors, 2014 is off to a strong start, with a total of 1,348 homes having sold already. This marks a seven percent increase from the same month in 2013. Of those 1,348 sales, 66 percent were priced under $200,000 and 31 percent were priced between $200,000 and $500,000. Less than three percent were priced over $500,000. San Antonio’s real estate market did not feel the nationwide slump as strongly as those in other parts of the United States, and when combined with 2014’s real estate sales being off to a good start, families can feel confident that buying a home in San Antonio is a good investment.

For those considering Randolph Air Force Base off base housing or off base housing in other parts of the city, it should be noted that San Antonio ranked #4 in Trulia’s “@013 Top 10 Healthiest Housing Markets.” According to Trulia, a healthy housing market is defined as having strong economic growth, low vacancy rates, and low foreclosure inventory. Even during the times that the housing market was suffering and both homeowners and realtors were struggling to recover, San Antonio remained relatively stable in comparison to other parts of the country. An FNC National Residential Price Index report from 2012 highlighted San Antonio as a city whose home prices had “survived the housing crash” and were almost four percent higher than they were during the market peak. Houston also suffered minimal damage during the real estate crash, and the article cited “a growing population and relatively stable and sustainable price growth during the housing bubble” as reasons why these Texas cities were able to “avoid a severe housing downturn.”

Looking into Randolph Air Force Base off base housing is a big decision for a military family making a sudden relocation, but with San Antonio’s real estate market having proven itself able to withstand economic downturns, and with the continually rising numbers and positive predictions for the market, military families moving to this city will know that they can purchase a home they love with minimal risk.

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