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Real Estate Tools

Rental Application Requirements

Learn what are all the documents you will be needing to apply for a rental here.

SA Neighborhoods

Learn the top three primary factors military families look at when PCSing to JBSA.


Home Affordability

How much home can I afford?

Mortgage Calculator

What will my payments be?

Refinance Calculator

Should I refinance my mortgage?

Compare Mortgage Terms

(i.e. 15, 20, 30 year mortgage terms)

Paying Discount points for a lower interest rate

Should I pay extra in discount points?

Rent vs. Buy

Should I rent or buy a home?

Convert to a bi-weekly payment schedule

Should I convert to a bi-weekly payment schedule?

‘no-cost’ vs. traditional mortgage

Is a no-cost loan better for me?

Tax savings generated by my mortgage

How much can I save in taxes?

Fixed vs. adjustable-rate mortgage

Which is better for me?

Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) calculator

How will interest rate assumptions impact my monthly payments?

How closing costs impact interest rate

Itemize closing costs and compare loans with different rates, fees or terms.

How much can I borrow from my home equity (HELOC)?

You may qualify for a home equity line of credit